About Beijing Tech

The School of Software Engineering, Beijing University of Technology (hereinafter referred to as the School) was established in March 2001 and approved as one of the 35 national pilot software colleges by the Ministry of Education and National Development and Reform Commission in December 2001. The School was successfully recertified by the Ministry of Education in November 2006. Currently, in addition to four departments (Software and Network Engineering, Embedded Software and Systems, Information and Service Engineering and Digital Arts), the School has an Experiment Center, the Embedded Software and Systems Research Institute, the BJUT-XILINX Software Engineering (Embedded Systems area) National Innovation Center for Talent Training and the Beijing Experimental Teaching Demonstration Center for Software Engineering. The School now offers two undergraduate programs (Software Engineering and Digital Media Technology) and has established an experimental program for Software Engineering (Embedded Systems area). The School also offers two graduate programs that lead to the Master of Science degree in Computer Science and Technology and the Master of Engineering degree in Software Engineering as well as a doctoral degree program and a post-doctoral program in Computer Applications. The School has been approved by the Ministry of Education to participate in the development of unique undergraduate programs in Embedded Software and Systems and in Digital Media Technology and by the Beijing Municipal Education Commission to participate in the development of unique undergraduate program in Software Engineering.

The School currently has 52 full-time faculty and staff members. Among the 31 full-time faculty members, there are 8 professors (3 of which are appointed as doctoral advisors) and 11 associate professors; 22 with doctoral degrees, 2 foreign nationals and 20 with experience of studying abroad. In addition, the School currently employs 105 part-time teachers from other universities and enterprises. The School is also honored to have 2 faculty members appointed as Beijing Distinguished Professors, 1 as Beijing Chair Professor and 6 as Outstanding Young Teachers.

The School has fully-developed academic programs as well as the curricula that lead to the Bachelor of Science, Master of Science, Master of Engineering and Ph.D. Degrees. The School currently enrolls a total of 2,184 students including 1,754 graduate students (17 Ph.D. students, 32 Master of Science students and 1,705 Master of Engineering students) and 430 undergraduate students. In 2009, 401 students graduated from the School among which 329 were graduate students (5 Ph.D. students, 75 Master of Science students and 249 Master of Engineering students) and 72 were undergraduates. During the same period in 2009, the School enrolled 554 new students including 450 graduate students (7 Ph.D. students, 40 Master of Science students and 403 Master of Engineering students) and 104 undergraduate students.

In 2009, the School achieved the following academic awards and honors: (1) the BJUT-XILINX Software Engineering Program (Embedded Systems area) was approved as a national innovation experiment center; (2) the teaching achievement Expanding Software Engineering Program for High-level Industrial Service was awarded the second prize in the 6th National Teaching Achievement Contest; (3) undergraduate course “Introduction to Information Security” was awarded by the Ministry of Education as a “National Model Bilingual Course”; (4) the School won the honor of “Model University for Production-learning-research Practice in Chinese Animation & Game Industry”; and (5) the Software Engineering Teaching Practice Center was approved as a “Model Experimental Teaching Center of Beijing Institution of Higher Education”.

The newly-constructed School of Software building was put into use on March 31, 2009. Situated in the southeastern area of the university campus, the new building is adjacent to the Olympic Badminton Stadium with a gross area of 11,000 square meters and marks a new beginning for the School’s sustainable development in the future.

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